a recent experience

I very recently had an interesting experience that I wanted to share. I use Discord, a communication program that’s main purpose is an instant messaging feature, you can create a server, which can have multiple “rooms” in it for different topics of conversation. It also has various other features, like voice chatting, video-calling, screen-sharing, etc. Continue reading “a recent experience”

my hyper-fixations

over the years i have had quite a few hyper-fixations, though as a kid i didn’t know that they were hyper-fixations. they were just things i really liked a lot. looking back i want to say my first one was probably Spider-Man, he was also the first superhero i was introduced to that i reallyContinue reading “my hyper-fixations”


sometimes i love being autistic but sometimes i hate it and i have to make a list of all the pros in my head except then i end up listing all the cons too. i generally don’t hate being autistic, i usually think the world would be a better place if everyone was high-functioning autisticContinue reading “sometimes”

under the umbrella

i’ve been doing a lot of research into my various mental diagnoses and i’ve discovered so much of myself in the things i’ve found. it turns out that my quirks are actually part of my various ailments, little things that i thought were just me – well they are still me but they aren’t myContinue reading “under the umbrella”

thoughts vs words

autism most of the time is something that doesn’t really affect my daily life in a crippling way, it just changes how i act/react to things in my day-to-day life vs how a neurotypical might. it isn’t even something i would wish away if i had the option to wish away one of my manyContinue reading “thoughts vs words”

different ways i say: i love you [part two]

i noticed you liked [x] thing and now when i see anything related to it i want to message you about it you told me you really liked [x] movie and [x] actor in the movie, now i file away information about those topics to tell you later you’re learning how to do [x] andContinue reading “different ways i say: i love you [part two]”

why i’m quiet

i often get told by loved ones that they love to hear me talk or they will always listen to me. it’s meant to encourage me to talk more to them since i’m not a talkative person, i’m quiet. more often than not i keep my thoughts to myself, even if things are bothering me.Continue reading “why i’m quiet”

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